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We are a team of taxation, business optimization and supply chain experts, pleased to announce our GSTy platform to make your work easy towards the filings for the newly introduced GST scheme; more importantly, help businesses understand the variables and challenges. GST introduces, prepare and help them reconfigure business operations, turning challenges in to opportunities.

GSTy –  GSTy software, services and network has been developed leveraging the decades of experience from GSTy team in GST policy,  pre-GST taxation,  business optimization, financial modeling , supplier relationship, and supply chain management. It has been conceptualized and implemented after numerous interviews with our customers, and practitioners on the challenges and opportunities for improving the experience and productivity.Our GST experts collaborate continuously with the GST policy makers.

GSTy is not a do-it yourself software for GST filings , but a set of software tools, services, and network that supports the GST filing, and post filing operations, and carries you beyond compliance , by supporting businesses and practitioners with solutions in business optimization, cash flow optimization, inventory and shelf life management , supplier relationship management and supply chain re-configuration for business variables changing with GST.

GSTy operates a PAN India network and expanding to provide critical in-field services for GSTy filing, and business operations in the post GST era.

GSTy is brought to you from ChainAim US Corp, blending the GST operational wing of SunKrish Financial & Corporate Services.

ChainAim brings powerful optimization techniques to small and medium businesses.